Hi there, behind the computer screen! How are you?
As it turns out, from time to time I have American friends and family visitors from beautiful Montevideo, Minnesota here at Emma's Palette and so I'll dedicate this update to them. Nothing special, other than that I'm simply going to write an update in English today, so that google translate doesnt mess it up completely...
If you happen to be an American, I'd like to introduce you to the typical Gothenburg weather. The picture taken above is taken at 4 pm. It's already starting to darken. Exactly one hour later it's pitch black outside. That's how fall and winter works over here, and still it's a whole month left until it starts to get brighter outside again. In a couple of weeks it'll be even darker!
At summer time it's completely the opposite. Then, it never really turns dark, you can still see where the sun is by 1 am!
Today was the first day of school after two weeks of vacation. It was nice to get back to school and to see that all of those hours studying this fall break, was worth it. Tomorrow there's no school either, since it's personal meeting with the TA teacher. Whoever who doesnt have personal meeting tomorrow, can stay home. Which is good news since i need to study math. Test on wednesday!
To my beloved host family back home in Monte, I miss you.
From graduation, my host mom and host dad:')
I cant believe how fast time is going. Now it's almost half of a year ago since we said good bye. Some day I'll come back so we can hang out again.
I hope all is well with you

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steve christians

06 Nov 2012 04:57

Emma, good to hear from you...your blog is fun to check out...can't wait till you come back to hang out with us...till then we will have to rely on the old electronics...Steve...let me know if you get this ...thanks

steve christians

06 Nov 2012 04:59

Emma, we kind of miss you also...


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